10 Best Business Travel Backpacks

In this article, we are going to cover some of the best business travel backpacks in the market. But before that, give me a chance to explain to you why a guy like me, who is not an expert about the said topic is fit to guide you through.

It’s been 2 years since I quit my full-time job. Before that, I used to work with an NGO as their digital marketer and traveling from state to state and even at times across continents came with the territory. As such, all my work heavily depended(still does) on my laptop, camera and mobile phone. It also goes without saying to get connected I really relied on a stable internet connection.

Being an on-the-go type of guy, I had to bring my work with me anywhere and at all time. To be honest, I really loved my job especially the traveling part. I mean, who wouldn’t and enjoy the never-ending adventures of trying out new food, culture, interacting with new people and getting paid in the process?

For the first couple of years, it wasn’t easy. Adapting to new weather conditions each time, being away from my beautiful family and most of all, trying to fit all my essentials to a small carry on luggage was a real hustle. My organization skills really sucked.

I remember vividly this one time I carried my iPad, camera, phone, laptop charger, but forgot my laptop. Believe me, there is nothing in this world harder than trying to complete a presentation that took you weeks to prepare in just 4 hours and the worst part, using an iPad. Needless to say, my presentation was a total disaster. From then on, I vowed to always pack my most crucial business items a day before and separate from my clothes. And what better way to achieve this than using a business backpack? After getting a business backpack on my next trip, it was a game changer. 

However, I experienced problems with the first few packs I bought but with time, I refined my taste. From then on, there was no more leaving my laptop hence losing hours of preparation. No more digging into my carry on luggage looking for my laptop or camera. And to top it all, I felt more organized and relaxed knowing my most important business stuff were always close to me.

Owning an ideal backpack is not as easy as going to a shelf and picking out the fanciest one, or the cheapest one, or even picking out the first one that you see. The type of backpack you choose can gravely affect how you handle your belongings.

Nomatic Backpack – Unmatched Design, Durability, and Safety

In my humble opinion, one of the best travel business backpacks is the Nomatic travel bag(Amazon Link). Get it, nomad, romantic. Bad joke? You don’t like puns? Yikes! Moving on swiftly,

The Broke Backpacker had this to say about the backpack.

‘The Nomatic Travel Bag is one of the most epic bags on the market.’

The review goes ahead to break down scenarios which help you decide whether this is the bag for you. If you do not fit into that category, then they to give suggestions that may direct you into the right path. So no traveler out here is left out in the cold.

Depending on the economic divide that you lie on, the bag is a bit on the pricy side. However, my late father had this saying that goes a little like this: Cheap is always expensive. As you can see from the image, the bag in itself is modern and very appealing.

I highly recommend it if you are seeking to pack lightly. Take note of the word light, and not from a relative perspective. Light packing is light packing. Watch the kind of gear that you move around with because the bag is not indestructible.

The bag comes in handy when organizing, therefore, enhancing efficiency and neatness. It is advised when it comes to whatever kind of travel you are involved in, keep in mind of the Nomatic Slim Backpack and the Nomatic Travel Backpack.

Similarities of the Nomatic backpack and the Nomatic Travel pack are as follows:

  • They both share a sleek design.
  • Good internal organization.
  • Ability to expand.

Differences between the Nomatic backpack and the Nomatic Travel pack include:

Nomatic Slim BackpackNomatic Travel Backpack
Smaller than a travel bagBigger than the backpack
RFID Safe pockets. Protect electronic gearIt is TSA friendly meaning that the bag inspection process becomes easier because you can quickly unzip the laptop compartment.
Shell for glassesSpecial pocket that will protect your tablet, iPad or Kindle
Notebook pocketThe removable panel is made up of mesh material which is handy when it comes to organizations.
Removable panel to hold materials like wires and chargers.It has two compartments for separation of clothes.
Roller Bag sleeve that enables you to roll the backpack like a suitcase.
Key leash which comes in handy when accessing your keys.

Prior knowledge about backpacks is necessary if one is to ensure that the trip is as comfortable as possible. As such, I’ve written a thorough guide on factors to consider when choosing the best business travel backpacks after the reviews.

Best Business Travel Backpacks

I believe the pleasantries we have exchanged thus far are enough to guide us into the next bit, which is the review of best business travel backpacks.

1. YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack – Top Rated

This right here folks, has been voted the top rated bag on Amazon for a business travel backpack. It has won the ‘Oscars’ of bags. Here are the reasons why;

It is TSA friendly and multipurpose. When I say that it is TSA-friendly I mean that  the bag is exclusively designed for airplane travel and it makes getting through airport security as smooth as possible and easily by lying the laptop flat without removing it from the bag .  USB port and headphones hole.  An external USB charging port with built-in charging cable is easily to charge your electronic devices on the go. The headphone jack is appropriate for you to listen to your music hands-free while walking.

Large capacity and size. The large multi-compartment backpack with a padded sleeve for 13,13.3,14,15,15.6,17 inch laptops everybody. Whereas the organizational compartments can be used for additional supplies and accessories like your iPhones, tablet, pens, keys, wallet, books, clothes, and a passport. The mesh material can be used for water bottle pockets at sides.

YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack is also very durable. It is made of durable polyester fabric with heavy-duty and two-way waterproof zippers across the backpack which are easy to operate and for a secure and long-lasting usage every other day.

Additionally, it’s very comfortable. The padded and breathable mesh material on the back panel prevents overheating, while at the same encouraging air circulation. The adjustable and heavily padded shoulder straps made of honeycomb breathable material makes the backpack comfortable to wear.


  • Lots of room to place in many items
  • Numerous pockets allow for compartmentalization of the bag
  • You can listen to music on the go
  • Sturdy as a rock, and can stand without the need for support


  • Its dead weight is higher than most backpacks

By now, it’s starting to make sense why this YOREPEK backpack is the hottest piece of backpacking property on the market. The reviews are incredible, the good by far overweighs the bad. As I peruse through more than 1480 reviews on Amazon, all I can see is positive feedbacks with a good number of exclamation marks and a 4.7-star average rating.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

2. Swiss Gear Travel Gear – Best Selling

The Swiss are known and regarded highly for their precision and quality in terms of making high-quality goods and delivering high-quality services. This backpack is no different.

The material is of high quality and it is also weather-resistant. It permits the pack to withstand harsh conditions, which in turn makes the bag very durable. Weather resistant simply means that it can resist exposure to a range of elements of weather from dust, sunlight, precipitation (rainfall and snow) among others. 

Presence of good compartmentalization. It has Scan Smart lay-flat technology that protects up to a 17-inch laptop and it is easily accessible during regular checkpoints at the airport. This also means that the bag is spacious enough to fit various kinds of objects.

Moreover, this backpack is synonymous with comfort. The straps are made of mesh fabric and they are adjustable. They are therefore described as ergonomic which means it enhances efficiency when it comes to its main purpose.

The back of the back is well padded with Airflow ventilation technology for more back support. It is roomier due to the side stretch mesh pockets for holding water bottles and other materials.


  • ScanSmart technology
  • Water resistance
  • Highly durable in the long run


  • No padding along edges to protect the laptop

The 1900 ScanSmart TSA laptop backpack had more than 7,400 reviews at the time of publication of this review. For the most part of the reviews, the bag was commended because it served its purpose. This is clearly not your average backpack. It clearly has high serviceability.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

3. Mancro Camo Backpack – Great for Space

After a survey was done, Mancro’s backpacks have been ranked as one of the best when it comes to anti-theft bags. It would make sense for one or two, I do not want to give anything away, of their bags to make an appearance on our list today. One of the many models of Mancro, Camo Travel Laptop Backpack, that is lightweight has Anti-Theft features, is durable and contains a USB Charging Port.

This is a personal favorite, especially for you young men and women who want to keep up with the trend while maintaining that business savvy look. That’s right we keep up with the trend. How else would we ensure that you live up to the phrase ‘Travel in style’? 

It is spacious and therefore it has plenty of room for all your belongings including a 15-inch laptop. There is room for books, clothes, devices, and other small carries. The presence of multiple pockets supports this feature: front pocket, the little pocket still at the front, side pockets for the water bottles and whatever you may need on the go and the spacious main.

It is also safe from theft. It has a combination lock design that protects your belongings from wrong hands.

The material used to make the outer surface of the backpack is water resistant. It is physically composed of nylon and polyester fabric material. This allows it to withstand precipitation elements and subsequently, it enhances the durability of the backpack in the long run.

Availability of USB Port design. This enables an easy and safe way of charging your devices while you are on the go. This feature offers the convenience of charging your devices from anywhere. It is on the outside, the right side of the bag.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • USB Port design


  • No bottom padding to protect your laptop

The Mancro Camo Backpack had more than 5,800 reviews at the time of writing. Most customers described the bag as useful and lived up to the features that have been listed. Apart from business travel, it is also suitable for school use, hiking or even day to day purposes.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

4. eBags Professional Slim Backpack – Most Versatile

According to reviews that have been scanned by eBags, Professional Slim Backpack scored a 9.4 rating on a scale of 1-10. The bag comes highly recommended and it is because of the following features.

It is good for someone who is always on the move and traveling. The bag will stand up easily to the harshness of traveling. It literally has ‘Tough skin’. The interior has an orange material bringing about contrast and thus helps you identify your belongings much quicker.

This bag is sleek looking and it applies to more than just business travel, it can be used for school and general travel. This appealing look is ideal for professionals. 

It has easy to access compartments whenever you need to reach out for something. There is a front compartment which can carry books, chargers and important documents. The area is zippered to provide added security. It has a separate secure laptop and tablet compartment which is padded to add extra protection for your devices and prevent any physical damages.

It is comfortable. This is due to the padded mesh on the back panel and adjustable strap. It is also water resistant due to the Teflon coating which repels water.

Presence of removable AC adapter garage serves you well in case you carry a number of chargers for your devices and also shields them from any damages. Finally, it is secure due to the combination lock provided.

It has enough room for handling a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and its accessories, AC adapters (in layman’s language, a laptop charger) and other supplies.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Exemplary build and modern design
  • Sleek appearance
  • Sturdy posture


  • Small side pockets

eBags Professional Slim Backpack had more than 1050 reviews and 4.5-star average rating at the time of publishing this article. Most buyers were impressed by the pack useful compartments that can fit relatively many belongings.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

5. Mancro Anti-Theft Business Backpack – Best for Safety

Mancro Anti-Theft Business Backpack comes in many colors, light, and navy blue, red, black, grey, and camouflage as well. It is spacious enough to hold a 15.6-inch laptop and other devices. The computer compartment is provided for the protection of your device in case of impact, say if your backpack was to fall down.

It is also safe from theft thanks to a combination lock design that is made available to protect your belongings. Additionally, it has a USB and headset port. The USB interface with built-in cable design is a great convenience for charging your electronic devices via connecting your own power bank. Moreover, the headphone interface frees your hands when enjoying audios, music and so on and so forth. 

The pack is very durable. It has been manufactured with durable water-resistant polyester fabric that has two “s” Curve padded shoulder straps. It is also lightweight. The material combined with the lightweight feature enables long-lasting usage every day.


  • Sleek looking
  • Affordable price to the average consumer
  • USB charger port available
  • Top level of comfort for the given price


  • Its size is quite big and bulky
  • It is not water resistant

Mancro Anti-Theft Business Backpack had more than 5700 reviews at the time of publishing this article and an average rating of 4.3 stars. Most of the reviewers were impressed with its design, durability, and affordability.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

6. Uoobag Tigernu Series Business Backpack – Minimalist Design

Uoobag Tigernu Series Business Backpack is a multi-purpose backpack. It has a unique arrangement that includes several storage compartments, additional and separate laptop compartment, a unique and retro cassette holder, sunglasses suspension design and an extra iPad bin.

It’s also very comfortable. There is the back support system which is made from a high-elasticity, breathable sponge and fabric with padded shoulder straps and back. It is equipped with an adjustable chest belt and adjustable ring hasp that enables you to control the strap length freely and reduces the burden of weight. The phrase ‘got your back’ just came to mind. 

Additionally, it is made of high-quality, tear-resistant, and water-resistant material. The water-resistance is due to the 210D nylon that deems the material as a water repellent. It is a powerful combination.

These three features make the bag durable and last when it is being used for travels. And hey, since we are still on the topic “materials”, the polyester lining found on the inside provides a smooth and strong surface for your laptop and tablet as well.

Uoobag Tigernu Series is also anti-theft. The anti-puncture 4 tooth zipper of the main compartment provides double anti-theft protection with lockable zippers that are dual provides super travel safety to you.

Presence of detachable USB cable and external port. The bag has a USB charger port with charging cable which is suitable to charge your iPhone, tablet or any other devices on the go.


  • Relatively light
  • Water-resistant
  • USB Port charger available
  • The bag is very durable


  • Its size is quite big and bulky

At the time of publishing, Uoobag Tigernu Series had close to 900 reviews and a 4.6-star average rating. According to most of the reviews, the product is described by users as slim, lightweight and environmentally friendly.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

7. Tzowla Business Backpack – Best for Safety

Yet again, according to BR Guide the Tzowla bag has been given a rating of, drum rolls please, no? Okay, 9.1 on top of that this is one of the most affordable bag in my list today. Talk about being ‘The Whole Package.’

Tzowla Business Backpack

Lifetime warranty. It comes with a lifetime warranty from Tzowla and friendly 24 hours’ customer service. You can imagine the confidence the company has and the trust they put in their quality product. Lifetime warranty is not something that is easy to come by, keep that in mind. 

Additionally, the backpack has a USB and headset port. The USB interface with built-in cable design is a great convenience for charging your electronic devices via connecting your own power bank. Moreover, the headphone interface frees your hands when enjoying your music and audios.

It is anti-theft. The bag comes with fixed password lock and durable metal zippers which ensure the safety of your possessions. This feature can be double-edged as you may get locked out of your pack if you forgot the combination. So, be careful.

More features about Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack includes;

  • High-quality water-resistant polyester fabric material & practical luggage strap design.
  • Comfortable padded shoulder strap & built-in key ring design fit for business travels.
  • Big enough to fit your belongings like a laptop, iPhone, books, stationery, etc.


  • Water resistant
  • Anti-theft lock
  • USB Port design


  • One may get locked out if they forgot their combination

At the time of publishing this article, Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack had just under 550 reviews and around 500 of the reviewers gave this fantastic pack a 5-star rating. Most of the customers were impressed with its anti-theft feature and durability.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

8. Kopack Deluxe Waterproof Pack – Most Durable

Kopack recognizes that practicality and safety go hand in hand. Due to this vision, Kopack had one major goal while designing Kopack Deluxe waterproof pack and that was to create anti-theft bags so as to eradicate the stresses of losing important documents or electronic valuables. Needless to say, Kopack delivered.

The bag is not only very safe but also super spacious. There is an anti-theft laptop compartment under straps that enables easy access to your belongings. Laptop compartment to hold laptops as big as 17-inch. The different compartments help in the organization based on your travel needs. 

On top of all that, it is water resistant. It is made with tear-resistant durable nylon fabric and its zippers with an anti-theft design which facilitates extra safety. There are also hidden pockets for quick and stealthy access to commonly used items.

Additionally, the bag is durable. The anti-puncture dual-layer zipper on the main compartment makes the material tough and durable. The shoulder straps and back are padded to offer additional back care and comfort.

As if that’s not enough, Kopack Deluxe features a hybrid style. It can serve both as a backpack and suitcase. The front lid opens at a ninety to eighty-degree angle and the division of pockets allows the objects to sit well no matter the position of the bag.

Let us not forget the common amenities that the bag provides us with: laptop sleeve, padded straps, and bubble foam padded backing to give flexibility and back support.


  • Water resistant
  • Anti-theft zipper
  • Anti-scratch
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Its size is quite big and bulky

Kopack Deluxe had about 320 reviews at the time of publishing and an average of 4.5-stars. The overall comments about the pack are good. Buyers stated that the bag meets users basic travel needs and to add on to its capabilities, it is water resistant.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

9. KROSER Business Backpack – Great Alternative for Space

Kroser Business Pack is the bag for you if you are in the market for a sturdy bag to move around with. It features quality material made of an environment-friendly poly fabric that functions as a water-resistance substance which in turn makes the bag quite durable.

Additionally, it’s spacious. It is big, large, and has roomy compartments which aid separated space for a laptop, iPad, A4 files, wallet, clothes, power bank and, more of your items. The dimensions can house a 17.3-inch laptop which is placed in a specially designed padded laptop compartment. 

Moreover, the bag comes with a built-in USB port. A very important feature for our generation, don’t you agree? It is convenient to charge your mobile phone by the connected power bank (Power bank is however not included).

It also has an adjustable padding shoulder straps and a sturdy handle to ensure your comfort in the case that you are carrying the bag for an extended period of time. A well-knit luggage belt is also available which is useful for you to fix the bag on the trolley of your luggage, making your journey and traveling more convenient and less cumbersome. Let’s not forget the fact that it has two pockets on the side that can be used to hold water bottles.


  • Sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in USB port
  • Lots of room to put in many items


  • Its dead weight is higher than most backpacks in this category due to its size

KROSER travel business backpack has been referred to as a very good product by more than 1480 reviewers. They said it met their expectations and hence I also give my stamp of approval. It is a bit bigger than expected but otherwise, most find it manageable.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

10. Matein Laptop Backpack – Budget Friendly

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel as if I’ve been talking forever but we are finally here. I’d like to thank my keyboard for all the support with the words. This Matein bag is the last of our best business travel backpacks.

One of the features I love about it is safety. A strap allows the bag to hook to other luggage for easier carrying. The pads-shoulder straps are comfortable to put ease on the shoulders. 

It’s also very spacious. It has a laptop compartment that can fit 15.6 Inch Laptop and below. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit other objects like clothes, shoes, stationery, supplies, etc. Mesh pockets on the sides can accommodate bottles.

Additionally, it is lightweight. This makes it easier to carry. It also has many padding in the back to ensure maximization of back support. Moreover, its adjustable shoulder straps relieve the stress on the shoulder when carrying the bag.

Presence of a USB charger port. It is built with a USB charger port outside and an in-built charging cable inside, this USB backpack offers you an efficient method to charge your device while walking or work.

Lastly, it’s durability is unmatched. The material consists of water-resistant and durable polyester fabric with metal zippers.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • USB charger port
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable


  • Quite small

Considering that it was one of the best-selling backpacks on Amazon by the time of publishing, it has received a lot of praises from more than 4200 customers who own and reviewed the bag. Numerous testimonies have been made of how even after a long while the bag still functions accordingly.CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON

Factors to Consider before Buying a Business Travel Backpack

Long gone are the days of needing a briefcase for work. Comfort and style merge in the form of a business travel backpack. It allows professionals, to keep their essential items close at hand in an organized and easy to carry bag.

The recommended steps on the selection process of a backpack involve first and foremost identification of the destination of the trip. This will be a good determinant in deciding what it is that is essential and needs to be carried.

The next step would be listing down the essential items, because, let’s face it, we tend to forget fast. It is a bit of a tedious process, but hey, prevention is far much better than cure. You can trust my word on that. A list will help you remember and rule out important pointers when it comes to packing in the end.

With thousands of professional backpacks currently on the market, finding one that works for you and your busy lifestyle can be the last thing you want to do after a long work week. So here are a couple of tips you may want to consider before making that important purchase.

1. Mind the weight on the back

This will be very essential in avoiding the frequent trips to the chiropractor. The unnecessary back strain may occur if you do not account for the weight of the bag on your overall weight. Lightweight bags are always advisable.

2. Pick the pack that best fits the purpose of your travel

I remember one of my photographer friends failed to carry a bag with compartments for his equipment. He ended up losing his contract for the gig because, by the time we got to the destination, the equipment was damaged. Remember the list you made when looking for a bag, it can also come in handy at this point.

3. Mind the size of the bag

The backpack size must be proportional to the belongings you are planning to take with you. If its a one day trip, using a small or medium-sized backpack will be fine. On the other hand, if you are going for a couple of days, get a big backpack or combine a small one with a carry on luggage.

4. Cost

Try and save as much as you can, but do not compromise on the quality of the product. Again, cheap is always expensive.

5. Sections of the pack must also be considered

Separation of materials brings about neatness and organization of your belongings which makes them easy to find, makes you look neat and most important of all, helps you not to forget something.

6. Comfort

The bag must be manageable for you to move around with. If you are a huge person like I am, getting a big size bag won’t be a problem. But if you are small like my wife, get something of medium size.

7. Water-resistant

Most of the time, the weather does a number even on the most prepared traveler. They find themselves in conditions that are highly unexpected. Imagine the damage that causes to the Sigma Lens you purchased for five hundred dollars. Having a water resistant backpack ensures that your valuables remain undamaged.

8. Types of zippers

This is a double-edged knife. It addresses both a safety and security risk. Some zippers are made from a material that may elicit reactions from allergens in your system. If possible, it is good to find out the material before.

From a security perspective, not all the people you meet on the road have your best interests at heart. Subsequently, it is prudent if you would ensure that the zippers have some top-notch security features to them. Here is an article on how to fix your zipper in case it breaks.

9. Type

Despite the earlier statement of how long are gone for the days one needed to walk around with a briefcase, I believe that you the business traveler know exactly the kind of bag that will make the right statements for you.

If you are going for a business meeting on Wall Street, then the old fashion briefcase may be enough especially if you are not intending on spending in the city.

10. Straps

It is wise to take into consideration the kind of straps that you need. Comfort is key especially when your journey includes long waits in the airport, bus terminus, train station, etc. Most backpack companies have straps on various locations on the bag depending on the anatomical structure of the person purchasing the bag. The following are straps to consider:

  • Padded hip strap. This is important because it spreads the weight of the bag over your body and makes a significant difference as to whether the easy to carry or it digs into your shoulders.
  • Padded shoulder straps. This takes the strain off your shoulders and makes the bag more manageable to carry. It also will reduce bruising.
  • A strap that connects across your chest, between the two straps. This helps to allocate the weight more efficiently.
  • A carry strap. This is not necessary but it would be convenient to carry in the event that your straps can be zipped up.

11. Checkpoint Friendly

One irritating thing about movement in an airport is the numerous number of times one stops to be checked and have their items checked. For that reason, it is also important to consider a bag that will be easy to get through the security checks. Bags like the Swiss gear have the ScanSmart feature that can handle this problem accordingly.

12. Fits over and under

This means that the bag is easy to move around with because it is roomy enough and enables you to get through an overnight trip and it still fits under your seat especially on an aircraft.

13. Smart storage

Get yourself a bag that is organized and has adequate pockets to arrange your personal belongings. This will bring about neatness and also contribute to easy access.

14. Tracking Technology

With the ever-changing technology, it is advisable to have a tracker on your bag if you are on to move around with a million and one gadgets in your possession. Make sure that it is well hidden so that the thief is not tipped off by it.

15. Anti-theft

The bag should have an anti-theft system to also avoid pickpockets. But be careful not to set a lock combination that locks you out of the backpack.


I hope that by now you have a bearing on the type of backpack that is best suited for your business trips. It has been a wordy journey if that even makes sense. But we made it to the end. I hope I still have your attention as I leave you with a remark or two. Traveling is a task that needs a lot of planning ahead if you want it to be simple and easy.

The type of backpack plays a very big role in your travel. It will determine what kind of trip you will experience, from security checks at the airport to long waits when connecting flights, to the state of your belongings when you reach your destination.

So take your time, pick the best business travel backpack, because you deserve it, until next time, I bid thee bon voyage!

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