10 Best Smart Laptop Backpacks with Charger 2022 | Review and Guide

We are living in the information era and as Samuel Johnson said “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” Therefore, with the help of the internet(which can be easily accessed with our phones, laptops, notepads, tablets, etc.. we have no excuse whatsoever to acquiring knowledge.

Even though these gadgets are a game changer, they also have their flaws, a major one being, they don’t come with unlimited power supply. As such, you have to plug them to a power supply every now and then. This is not a major issue for people working from home or in an office. What about people who work on the go, the digital nomads(like myself)? This is where smart backpacks with chargers come in play.

Smart backpacks are equipped with cutting edge technology that an average work pack or an ordinary backpack for school just won’t hold up. Smart backpacks are not only so handy in terms of keeping your electronic devices charged even on the go but also provide top-notch security for your basic niceties inside.

Some of them are quite expensive. Like this YOREPEK Extra Large Smart Backpack. Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend that much. Personally, I use an extremely safe and relatively affordable one(listed below) and so far I’m impressed, to say the least. Not only have I thoroughly researched about the best smart laptop backpacks with charger by going through smart anti-theft backpacks forums, product reviews and manuals, I’ve also tested a few of these bad boys.

Before diving down to the reviews, here is a quick guide on how these smart packs work.

Best Smart Laptop Backpacks with Charger

1. Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack – Personal Best

Introducing Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft, my personal favorite laptop smart backpack and all day everyday choice. It’s one of the most unique smart backpacks and regarded as first of its kind. Here are the reasons why.


This versatile smart backpack is great for all kinds of activities out there. Two stylish colors to choose from, stealthy black for official use or its titanium grey for outdoor jobs while still looking cool.

Spacious and well compartmentalized

The smart backpack is spacious enough with a dedicated laptop compartment which can comfortably fit a 15-inch or a 17-inch laptop. 17-inch will fit, however, not in the laptop compartment.

The inside part is perfectly partitioned with easily accessible hidden pockets for storing vital documents like access cards(work id), passport, bus pass, etc… Keep it secret to keep it safe. Right?

Smart Aspect

Let talk power, LIFEPACK solar powered smart backpack has this amazing solar bank placed at the top back pocket which is easily accessible for charging by well-integrated cables in the fabric. This power bank can be removed to be charged via an outlet. Additionally, it has a speaker that can be used via a Bluetooth connection.


When security is your biggest concern, don’t dread, with Lifepack anti-theft smart backpack, you’re safe. It features a retractable cable firmly built to lock it on any secure object. This comes in handy when you are at the beach (or any other outdoor space), restaurants or even at work.

Also, as far as keeping your devices secure from breakage, it has an 8mm layer of foam surrounding that when dropped, your laptop, iPad, camera or other delicate devices couldn’t be safer.


This smart backpack features a super comfortable EVA padded back providing extra safety for your laptop, adequate ventilation and to ensure you don’t get back pains after an extended carry time. Additionally, it has padded and adjustable shoulder straps with a U-shaped upper area for proper weight distribution.

Extra Cautions

The base is made of a plastic water-proof and stain resistant outer layer. This means you can place it anywhere and easily wipe off any fluids afterward. If you fear your documents or general contents getting wet then you shouldn’t anymore, a rain cover at one of the base pockets will keep you calm even during harsh weather conditions.

Are you a bike rider and or the type of person who commutes home late on busy streets? If the answer is yes, the rain cover also has a reflective part that will keep you vividly seen by motorists and drivers in the night.

With so many cool features what more could a person ask for as far as smart laptop backpacks are concerned?

Lifepack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Dimensions

19- Litres; 12.4 X 19.5 X 6.9 inches.


  • The design makes it super versatile
  • Very comfortable
  • It has a 10000 Ah power bank charged by inbuilt solar panel or outside outlets
  • Adequate compartments hence easy to organize
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Hidden pockets to hide important documents
  • Presence of a retractable cable lock that works exactly like a bike lock
  • Constructed using lightweight super durable materials


  • Not so many colors to choose from

2. Bobby Bizz Laptop Backpack/Briefcase – Best for Briefcase Lovers

Do you fancy that professional look that comes with briefcases? Are you an entrepreneur who is pitching a brilliant idea in front of the board dressed in a suit in a few days time? Does your job require you to look formal but then you are a “backpackholic”? Then this is the ultimate smart backpack/briefcase for you.

Bobby Bizz Laptop Backpack Briefcase

On one hand, it conveys the impression of professionalism and a person oozing confidence when carried as a briefcase. On the other hand, after a long day at the office, Boddy Bizz anti-theft smart pack can easily be converted from formal work briefcase to a casual backpack by just doing away with the handle and introducing the straps. To make the shoulder straps disappear, tuck them in their own specially designed zipped pockets. 

With one of the best anti-theft systems ever installed in a backpack, safety is guaranteed. The precautions in place include;

  • An anti-tear metallic under layer which both acts as a barrier to stop thieves from cutting into your pack and accessing contents and also gives the bag its shape.
  • An integrated zinc alloy lock on one strap to secure it to any fixed object.
  • Safe pockets hidden by tucked zippers hence only accessible by the owner.

Such a thought out security system proves that this isn’t your average anti-theft smart backpack/briefcase.

Other than that, it contains highly organized clearly-labeled compartments for all your day to day essentials. Among them is a laptop partition that effortlessly fits a 15.6-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet space. Also, it can be opened either at 30 degrees for quick access or 90-180 degrees for complete packing or unpacking.

The fabric is water repellant and has illuminating surface stripes for easy nighttime adventures or in case you’re late from work. Additionally, this anti-theft smart backpack includes a luggage strap that can be attached to a travel bag for a more close pack of baggage and secure travel.

Finally, you get a 2-year guarantee on its warranty. Talk of a backpack/briefcase being an all-in-1.

Bobby Bizz Laptop Backpack/Briefcase Dimensions

7.9 x 16.5 x 13.4 inches.


  • Integrated USB cable
  • Light and comfy
  • Best weight distribution
  • Ultimate anti-theft features
  • Durable


  • No inbuilt power bank solution you have to get one separately
  • Small being only able to carry a maximum of 10 liters

3. Ghostek NRG Camper Series – Best Smart Backpack for Hiking

I am an outdoor kinda guy and I really enjoy solo hiking. The exposure is just amazing, I like feeling the breeze, listening to the rhythm of the earth and just loosing myself to the breathtaking outdoor sceneries.

Ghostek NRG Camper Series

Personally, bringing people along take the fun out of it, I forget to pay attention to the small details which help clear my mind when I get caught up in peoples conversations. In my opinion, hiking is a way to connect with the cosmic energy of mother earth.

When on such trips, I always bring with me my solo rider, Anti-Theft Ghostek NRG Camper Series, this handy pack solves every camper need. It is massive and fit all my gear without breaking a sweat. Comes in only one but lovely gray color. Also, it’s made of a superior material of polyester fibers and a premium water-resistant nylon outer layer, very durable for any terrain whatsoever.

Installed in this hiking smart backpack is more than enough power storage capable of sustaining you for a long period of time depending on the number of devices being charged. It includes an 11 watts solar panel, a 16000 Ah battery, 5 USB ports in total, (2 ports on the solar panel, 2 ports inside and 1 external port).

The USB ports on the panel come in handy when charging gadgets directly from the sun. This ensures easy charging of your devices anywhere and anytime. Both the solar bank and panel are detachable to reduce weight(when not needed) and add more gear. The panel is placed at the back to maximize sunlight absorption. Simply put, the battery will always be charging during the day. The 60-liter Ghostek NRG camper buddy weighs about 7 pounds when empty.

With so many smart features about this hiking backpack, it’s easy to overlook the basic yet crucial aspects. They are;

  • Paddings on the back, on the hip belt and shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Easily adjustable main straps and extra straps on the main straps for an extra snug fit.
  • Perfect ergonomic design
  • A nice ventilation system for proper back ventilation.

Additionally, with Ghostek NRG Camper Series, you will be safe from harsh weather conditions thanks to its effectual built rain cover. Just unzip and cover your bag. Truth be told it is quite expensive but if you have a little extra buck to splash, you deserve this hiking smart backpack for unforgettable hiking experiences.

Being in nature has its thrills and fears too. As such, this camper smart backpack is equipped with a whistle to alert fellow hikers on any impending danger you might come across. A crucial survival hack.

Finally, you are given a guarantee of a 1-year warranty with give-and-take included.

Anti-Theft Ghostek NRG Camper Series Backpack Dimensions

24.5 x 11 x 8 inches


  • Best all in one solution for hiking
  • Large capacity for a long trip
  • Comes with a solar panel
  • 5 USB ports
  • Inbuilt power bank
  • Comfy
  • Lightweight


  • Costly

4. Ghostek NRG Bag Series – Best in Versatility

I do lots of stuff and get caught up in different situations that require different packing options. I mean keeping up with different types of occasions and stacking up backpacks takes lots of time, planning and effort. Looking for the perfect combination of style, comfort, space, versatility and smart aspects in one backpack can be a challenge. Lucky for you, you don’t have to look any further. The GHOSTEK’s NRGbag Series has you covered.

With a fairly spacious 40L aptitude, this bag promises ample space for short to medium term adventures. Easier parking with a dedicated 15.6-Inch laptop compartment and multiple partitioned pockets for easy organizing.

Ghostek NRG Bag Series

From your iPhone, iPad, pens, keys, wallet, books, clothes, shoes, a water bottle you name them, will effortlessly fit.

A built-in 7,000mAh Battery and a total of 3 USB Ports (two inside and one on the outside). This smart backpacks power bank is removable and can be used without the bag (no micro USB port but instead includes an AC cable for charging). The bag also has an intelligent power LED Indicator to show power level.

Moreover, NRGbag Series is made by one of the most premium, water repellent, durable, and eco-friendly polyester fabric. Installed are modifiable padded shoulder straps for a comfortable, tailored snug, and clannish fit. Such an ingenious innovation by GloryBear to say the least.

Comes in a neutral grey color hence suitable for all types of events. School (be it elementary, junior high, high school or even college), work, gym, travel, camping hiking, etc.

Ghostek NRG Bag Series Dimensions

6 x 14 x 18 inches.


  • Has a quite large power bank
  • Fairly effective water-repellent fabric
  • Has 3 USB ports
  • Offers ample space with separated laptop compartment
  • Includes a charging port for the power bank
  • Includes LED charging indicators
  • Fast charge USB of 5V and 2.4A
  • Very durable zippers


  • Does not have a chest strap
  • External port is a bit flimsy

5. Kopeck Lightweight Smart Backpack – Best in Terms of Cost

With this backpack, style meets comfort and best of all affordability. Imagine all the best anti-theft mechanisms available in cheap yet dignitary smart backpack. This particular model presents three stylish colors, black, grey black and dark grey.

Kopeck Lightweight Smart Backpack

Kopeck Lightweight Smart Pack features an anti-theft hidden laptop compartment behind the straps to not only keep your laptop safe but also other important contents. The zippers are lockable into a D shape ring ensuring further safety for your essentials. Unfortunately, no lock included.

Are you the type of person who loves a properly organized backpack? Well, this backpack is an ideal choice for you being a ‘Super Organizer Bag.’ It’s packed with not 10, 12, 14 but 17 slots for efficient organizations of your stuff. Each gadget will go to where it’s supposed to be. 15.3 x 10.2 inches compartment specially for your laptop.

It has a detachable inbuilt USB cable of austere quality and a precise USB charging port. Very easy to charge an iPhone without bothering to take out the power bank. Cleaning can be done without tampering with any USB slot. Inbuilt cables can also be easily removed or replaced. However, it doesn’t come with its own power bank.

More on its Anti-theft capabilities;

  • A dual layer zipper.
  • The anti-puncture 4-tooth zipper for its main compartment.
  • Dual anti-theft protection with lockable zipper providing a super safe trip.

Built with quality, durable, tear-resistant, water-resistant, thick, upgraded fabric with superb texture which can be wiped in 5 minutes and no marks are left. Fit for an unexpected rainstorm. Additionally, it has padded highly elastic sponges on the shoulder straps and back giving extra back support and comfort. Finished with an inordinate texture lining inside, not only a good look but feel too.

Furthermore, this smart laptop backpack is expertly designed in such a way it can serve as a formal or casual pack. Perfect for business trips, weekend getaways, office work, school or even to run daily errands. A decent enough slim bag that gives you a fantastic experience.

Kopeck Lightweight Smart Backpack Dimensions

18.1 x 11.8 x 6.3″inches


  • Affordable
  • Durable tear-resistant and water-resistant fabric
  • Comfy
  • Anti-puncture zippers
  • Safe due to hidden pockets


  • Lack of RFID blockers

6. PacSafe Vibe 40 – Best Anti-Theft Carry On

PacSafe Vibe 40 is an exceptional anti-theft smart backpack which can be carried as both a carry on backpack or the classic suitcase-style. All these thanks to comfortable, padded and adjustable shoulder straps (25.2″ to 36.22″), plus sternum and waist strap or as a suitcase using the side handle and tucking away its shoulder straps.

PacSafe Vibe 40 Anti-Theft Carry On

I did a boatload of research and this is what I came up with. The outside is made of soft, durable, water-resistant, strong and easy to wipe nylon for security. With ‘safe’ in its name, these are its anti-theft capabilities.

  • Intertwining, lockable, puncture-resistant zippers that you won’t find in most anti-theft backpacks. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a padlock).
  • The fabric is reinforced with a lightweight steel mesh inlay making the puncture or cut proof mechanism installed unsurpassed.
  • RFID blocking pocket to keeps your credit cards and other personal documents safe from remote access.
  • Detachable wire reinforced shoulder strap which can be used to firmly lock the rucksack to fixed objects.

When carried as a suitcase, the main compartment is opened from the side, a padded sleeve that effortlessly fits a 15-inch laptop. A zippered side mesh pocket is in place to put smaller items. A quickly accessed RFID blocking pocket at the top for your ID, money, wallet, phone, keys, small camera, and other essentials is also present. Lastly, a stretchable water bottle pocket at the side.

It comes in three different yet stylish colors; black, grey and grey camo. Therefore, can be used during corporate trips or outdoor adventures. Comes with guaranteed 5-year Pacsafe warranty.

With all these over the top security features, I can dare say that the benefits of having this anti-theft smart backpack are immense.

PacSafe Vibe 40 Anti-Theft Carry On Dimensions

  • Vibe 25 – 18.9 x 11.1 x 7.5 inch
  • Vibe 30 – 20.5 x 12.3 x 7.9 inch
  • Vibe 40 – 19.7 x 13.8 x 7.1 inch
  • Venturesafe EXP45 – 21.7 x 13.8 x 8.7 inch


  • Very durable zippers
  • Comfy
  • Versatile
  • Anti-tear fabric reinforced with a steel mesh inlay
  • Stylish design


  • No locks included
  • No charging solution

7. Nomatic 40L Travel Smart Bag – Best for Traveling

Introducing the Nomatic 40L travel pack, a masterpiece travel companion and one of the best smart laptop backpacks with charger. It comes in elegant grey-black color and is made of a water repellent tarpaulin. At 4lbs (2KGS) and up to 40L at full capacity, what more could you ask for as far as traveling smart backpack is concerned?

Nomatic 40L Travel Smart Bag

Additionally, it is designed to fit the maximum size allowed on board in customary airlines, fitting both in the overhead compartment as well as the under seat airplanes storage. Yes! Nomatic 40L Travel Smart Backpack is TSA compliant. Its laptop compartment lays flat making sure your laptop and other delicate gadgets are always close enough and safe when passing through airport security checkpoints.

As if that is not enough, it has a designated water bottle space, a pocket for valuables, an RFID protected pocket for cards and IDs that can be accessed at close range preventing easy access to confidential information. Gotta be safe from hackers, right?”

Contains a separate shoe compartment, a cable organizer, laptop pocket which can accommodate up to a 15-inches laptop, tablet compartment that fits up to 8.5 x 11 inches tablet and a notebook pocket.

Also included are a laundry bag and detachable waist straps with again a TSA friendly lock. All exterior zippers are completely waterproof and super effective if I might add.

Nomatic 40L Travel Smart Bag Dimensions

21 x 14 x 9 Inches (53cm x 36cm x 23cm)


  • Large enough space for long travels.
  • Super easy to organize.
  • Comfy
  • Great material


  • No charging solution

8. TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack – Waterproof Speakers

Looking at Trakk Shell Hiking Smart Backpack makes think of the movie “Ninja Turtles”. The reason being, this handy pack is as tough and vibrant looking as Raf(My favorite turtle ninja). Simply put, it’s as tough as the famous most elite special operators called the Navy Seals. Okay, I may have exaggerated a little. Enough praises, here are Trakk Shell backpack features;

First, it comes equipped with a black colored full proof outer cover. Just the fact that it can withstand the meanest weather conditions by being fully water, scratch and distortion proof makes it a total badass. Never ever worry about your laptop when inside even after the pack falls or pressed with extreme pressure. All is a statement made clear “beware.”

Other than its original breathtaking design, Trakk Shell Pack comes as a fully equipped smart laptop backpack with a Bluetooth pairing of advanced connectivity with up to 65 feet range (top in the market) and a high speed 4.0 auto pairing.

An out of this world subwoofer system with max bass technology can literally be heard even in worst conditions like rainstorms, strong winds and in the middle of a large crowd. The speakers are of high quality with the sound of 20w HI-FI. All these powered by a 5000 mAh inbuilt power bank.

This portable charging beast can fully charge your iPhone twice or play for a gruesome 12 hours while on Bluetooth without the need of a recharge. That’s not all, it has an sd card port, an aux input, and output that personally I’ve never used. TRAKK products come with a 1-year warranty and full customer satisfaction guarantee

With different compartments for all my devices and essentials, organizing is easy. The ultimate rugged smart backpack for all types of situations!


  • Built-in Bluetooth waterproof speakers.
  • 5200mAh external battery.
  • Smart LED safety light.
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.


  • Small

9. HP Power Up Laptop Canvas Backpack – Best in Charge Capacity

HP is an internationally renowned brand that majors on computers and their peripheral devices. HP Power Up Laptop Canvas Backpack is a super-resolution to power problems and an answer to cries of laptop owners. The fabric is heavy-duty and padded with soft foam all around providing protection for your gadgets even in a case of falling.

When it comes to power, HP Power Up Smart Backpack stands out from the rest. Talking of power, you can easily charge a hp laptop to full charge using a laptop cable, a tablet thrice and up to 10 times in the case of mobile phones using two micro USB cables. Recharging is easy thanks to a side pocket plugin.

Such high power can be scary or even dangerous, to avoid explosion, the pack has a heat sensor and a monitor to adjust to normal temperatures accordingly. With these high-tech features, it becomes TSA approved.

Additionally, organizing is easy. The compartments are expertly partitioned and the cables are perfectly laid out to avoid disorganized cables mess inside. Rains and accidental waters won’t be an issue due to its water-repellent outer material and a fully covering rain cover.


  • Has one of the highest battery capacity of 22400 mAh.
  • Fits a 17” laptop effortlessly
  • Heat sensor.
  • Stylish and durable.
  • Big sized.
  • Availability of USB ports.


  • Only Hp compatible charger.

10. ClickPack Pro Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack – Best for Minimalists

For the trendy, classic-look type of people, ClickPack Pro Smart Backpack is the ultimate solution. With it, standing out from your peers is a must. One thing for sure is, Korin Design took their time in designing this masterpiece.

It not only gives you an awesome sense of security for your essentials but also comes with well-organized partitions. The security system in place is a triple-threat mechanism covering anti-theft, water-related incidences, and TSA compliance.

ClickPack Pro Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Any type of liquid is a threat worth protecting against. You don’t want your gadgets, important documents or books getting soaked. Unexpected Rains fall all the time and even worse when not expected, with ClickPack Pro, no need to worry. The waterproof zippers and a dual-layer water-repellant you get enough time to cover your pack with its built-in rain cover or get to the nearest shelter.

In terms of security, ClickPack Pro has a retractable strong cable with TSA compliance. This allows you to comfortably lock the backpack to a safe hold while taking rests. The YKK double-layered zippers are strong enough to withstand brutal force. Korin Design claims the zippers are so strong they can even withstand an explosion. Sadly there is no way to prove that, so we’ll just have to take their word for it.

About organizing, no one wants to spend hours packing, only to dig around the bag looking for something tiny yet extremely crucial like an ID. Well, equipped with ClickPack Pro, you don’t have to. With well-labeled compartments and a 180 degrees opening, it’s extremely easy and convenient locating each and every item inside. All these packs while not compromising its minimalistic design


  • Stylish yet minimalistic design.
  • Top grade anti-theft capabilities.
  • Super organizer.
  • Made with durable fabric.
  • Sturdy zippers.
  • Can fit a 15.6 inches laptop in a dedicated space.


  • No inbuilt power bank

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Smart Laptop Backpacks with Charger

a. Do you really need a smart backpack?

Are you a techie entrepreneur and always traveling? Smart backpacks combine everything you need on the roam. This is the smart solution you need to keep your devices charged up, communicating even if you work remotely and need to move from spot to spot.

Others come as a fly friendly companion you don’t have to give up at the security check. It’s all you need all compact in one space.

b. Is the smart bag secure enough?

Having a smart backpack is more of protecting your valuables than just the smart power bank solution that most have, it should user-friendly and tough in anti-theft equipment. The backpack should have an anti-tear material to keep thieves out, a lock mechanism to keep your personal stuff personal and hidden zippers not accessible when on your shoulders to give you focus and to keep you at ease.

Moreover, some of the most groundbreaking inventions like an RFID blocking pocket and an integrated strong retractable cable however installed should be present. This cable is used to lock a pack beside a secure stationary structure.

c. Is the smart laptop pack durable?

Any backpack not necessarily has to be a smart one should be pretty solid in durability. Needless to say, your bag should be made of top-notch material not easily damaged. Also, it should be ok after a little water spillage and even withstand an intense rainstorm.

A bag should give a really long time worth of service before needing to replace due to minor tears here and there. The zippers should be strong and capable to hold its maximum capacity without giving in.

d. Smart Laptop Bags Specifications

As much as the backpacks are diverse so are we. As such, we have different tastes and needs. Make sure the pack reflects your adventurous personality or plain for the minimalists. A perfect companion to back you up in your daily endeavors.

Getting a backpack is like making friends, it tells a lot about you, so make a statement and get the best. Think of it as your marriage partner one that truly completes you (making your daily routine easier).

e. Does the anti-theft backpack come with a warranty?

With every bargain comes a customer satisfactory pledge, I believe if a product is as good as the public relation office wants me to believe then it should have a pretty solid warranty to back it up.

I mean not everything or smart backpacks come with a warranty but to my knowledge, the best of the best do. So before purchasing one of the shelves make sure the brand believe enough in its innovation to give you a worthwhile warranty. Read it to make sure it truly covers crucial parts for example self-damage.

f. Smart backpack’s life span

A backpack ideally should last a couple of years if handled well. You would want to make a good investment to prevent continuously shopping for new backpacks year in year out.

g. Is the anti-theft smart backpack comfortable enough?

Over the years, there has been much talk on the size of backpacks in relation to body weight. This is essential especially to prevent back pains, bad posture, and strain. Look for a pack with a padded back and wide, padded shoulder straps.

h. Can the backpack be used for various purposes?

Get one that is flexible enough for day trips, business, traveling, gym, hiking, camping or any other outdoor adventures. Most of the backpacks reviewed in this article can accommodate most of these activities. For cyclists, pick one with an external bungee cord to a hold bike helmet.

i. Can you afford it?

We all want the trendiest and most sort after packs in the market but the question is. Can you really afford it without straining financially? As much as smart backpacks are crucial, they should not cripple your finances after making a purchase.

There are a lot of decent ones in the market at an affordable price. You just need to do a little bit of research.

j. Does it have enough pockets?

Besides the main compartment, the backpack should have multiple interior and exterior pockets for organizing all your items.


Getting a smart pack ultimately depends on you as an individual and the kind of lifestyle you partake. Remember, even the simplest of things can feel you with unfathomable joy. These in mind, take your time in choosing your fit among these best smart laptop backpacks with charger and make a prime worthwhile carrying companion.

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